Acrylic collage abstract landscape paintings, using hand-made oriental papers, with earth colors, blues, ochres, and reds dominate these paintings on wrap-around gallery canvas.
Visit the Day
A New Beginning
Distant Fields
Surrounding Vision
Random Space
Cool Elegance
Torn Paper
Far Beyond
High Country
Dry Summer
The Journey
Sounds of the Sea
Cloud Capture
Skipper Sea
Untitled #1
Finding Peace
Distant Dreams
Green Meadows
Red Canyon
Living Earth
Blue Sage
Timeless Grace
Our Horizon
Come Walk With Me
Snow Melt II
Distant Dreams
Lasting Vision
Charge of Light
Cascade of Light
High Country
Falling Water II
Falling Water III
Moving Forward
Canyon Falls
Windswept Shores
High Winds
Rising High
Scenic Journey
Closed Canyon
Access Point
Winter Falls
Mountain Range
Cascading Waters
Golden Minute
Refreshing Waters / with frame
Refreshing Waters
Out of the Woods
Silent River
Passing Through
Rushing Waters
Cascading Falls
Rise Above
Rushing Water
Spring Waters
Flowing Free
Far Horizon
Refreshing Waters
Cascading Waters II
Mountain Motion
A Summer Day
Wall of Stone
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